Hazelwild Contacts Page

Do you have photographs or documents from your time at Hazelwild that you would like to share?

If so, contact Matt Harris at matth6@hazelwild.net


Camp Contact Info:

Hazelwild Farm Education Foundation

5325 Harrison Rd

Fredericksburg, Va 22407

540 898-8219 Foundation

540 891-8751 School & Camp


Here are few names of campers & staff from Hazelwild's past. If you would like to be included on this list, email me and include your name at the time you attended Hazelwild, the ears you were there and your current email address.                                                                                                                                                                


   Matthew Harris 85-91   matth6@hazelwild.net
 Beth Revinski-Repass   75-86  repass@bvunet.net
Yvonne Trytko  62-67     ybillera@whidbey.com
Dana Medlin-Forman 76-81 phelanlucky25@yahoo.com
Jonathan Goodpasture "Oscar" 84-95 jgoodpasture33@hotmail.com
Steve Ogden   69-82 ogden@lunaentertainment.com
Clair Nadeau 82-94  baileycsn@hotmail.com 
Kate Lawton 85-93  k8k8@yahoo.com
Susan Payne Martin 71-82 spmartin@adelphia.net